Musical Gibberish

As a teenager, I was often confused as to what my future would be and eventually what form of music I would be pursuing in life. At times I thought I should be a composer for films, then the love for the Santoor was also very much evident as I used to practise a lot and also compose all the time on the Santoor. Eventually it has become an amalgamation of classical’ fusion/composing for me. I think it’s natural for a lot of kids in that age group to be comfused about the kind of vocation that they should take up.
One day,Having got hold of one of Osho’s books was a revealation of sorts for me.His philosophy on Zen was very simplistic,attractive yet a paradox.

Osho,a great Orator wa a person who had probably read thousands and thousands of books on all subjects possible. After which he deciphered his own philosophy and to some extent ,it really worked. Zen,according to him did not have a theology,none of the silly questions that have troubled people for centuries. It actually reduced the whole religiousness to a single point within you.
In my collecge days,Osho’s books seemed like a treasure I had got hold of. They were simply addictive and amazing for a certain level of self evolvement. Little did I realize that later on I would compose an entire CD called “ZEN” influenced by Osho’s philosophy.

One of the first stages which Osho’s meditation practiced was called Gibberish. This was a great way in releasing stress from the mind and body by scribbling and mouthing whatever came to your mind. Words,which had no meaning and were just emotion loaded and sentences which were released into  nothingness. This was the first track in my CD,titled Gibberish. It really did clear up the mind to a certain extent and made me focus more on my music.

If a person himself is not aware of who is residing in,then his life has no meaning.Of course the body is not you,nor the mind. There is something else which is witnessing both the mind and the body. To provoke that witness is the whole art of any master. Just like in music to be successful and achieve your goal ,you need the right Guru.

There’s a lot of Gibberish happening everywhere  all the time. Many of the Politicians should enroll themselves into this meditation and cleanse t heir minds through it.
For me Osho’s meditation really worked and the CD Zen went on to win the MTV immies for me.

Just like Osho said,” awaken to your nothingness”. This is the difficult part,maturity will never give you the idea of nothingness,Unless you touch your inner space,which is nothingness,as silent and empty as the sky.